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Driving lesson Broadmeadows

Driving School Lessons in Broadmeadows

Broadmeadows is a suburb of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia. It is 16 km north from Melbourne’s local business district. Darshan Driving School conducts driving classes in Broadmeadows. Learning to handle the car can be overwhelming. 

Our instructors will guide you and set you for driving tests and for the roads ahead. Broadmeadows Driving Schools offer the best quality driving lessons. Also, VicRoads testing courses.  All their driving instructors are VTD licensed and well prepared. We, Darshan Driving lesson Broadmeadows, are the most practical and punctual in taking you off to the roads.

With our Darshan Driving lesson Broadmeadows driver instruction program, you can expect the accompanying: 

One on one expert and most focused driving lessons in Broadmeadows with no different customers in the car. 

You get the full focus of our instructors as for your best practice. 

Try not to pay additional. 

Every single driving lesson is all the same value including early morning, twilight, weekends and all occasions.

Get and drop off at your convenient location. We do however suggest meeting at Broadmeadows VicRoads for best results and worth for cash.

Our driving instructors know and show you the VicRoads testing courses.
The Broadmeadows VicRoads Driving TestYou should first breeze through the learner permit test/information test. Then Hazard Perception Test before endeavouring the Broadmeadows VicRoads standard driving test. The driving test takes up to 45 minutes directed on set testing courses.

VicRoads locations we Serve

Broadmeadows, Bundoora, Burwood East, Carlton, Dromana, Dandenong, Frankston ( Seaford ), Heatherton, Melton, Mooroolbark, Pakenham, Seymour, Sunbury, and Werribee are the locations where the licence test happens. Also, we have Instructors who can give the driving classes and take for your driving test.

Our Driving Instructors are capable of speaking the following languages during the driving lessons and driving test preparation.

Moreover, Our Instructors provide driving lessons with the small hatchback and mid-size cars. Also, all the cars are the latest model with dual control. Which are fixed for safety purpose and to provide adequate driving classes?
The school does 45-minute single lessons and 1hr 30 minute double lessons from an area helpful to the learner. The school does 2hr lessons at the learner’s request. All the cars have a 5-star security rating. 
What more, Broadmeadows Driving School, which gives the learner patient, neighbourly, and well-educated driving direction. It, beyond any doubt, makes the learner pass the VicRoads Drive (Licence) Test. Driving Instruction with the Broadmeadows  Driving School is accessible in a significant portion of Melbourne areas. Each test course will require the learner to do a Parallel Park or 3 Point Turn (or both). He or she will likewise be asked to do numerous lane changes, and lane merges. Where right indicating, blindside checking and right-of-way learning will be a note. There are a couple of roads where it is all quite easy to go beyond the speed limit.  So the Driving lesson Broadmeadows makes the learner expert in all such skills.
The VicRoads Drive Test is made up of a pre-drive check and two phases of on-road driving. You will advance to the second stage when you have passed the first stage. So the on-road scenes might be after a joyful going of the pre-drive check. Before proceeding further to make your Drive Test, you must have expertly finished an “online” “Hazard Perception Test” at one of the VicRoads assigned HPT areas. What’s more, the Driving lesson Broadmeadows is exceptionally keen about the high achievements for its learners. Darshan Driving School gives the best driving test strategy to the learners who wish to pass the test.
We have helped a large number of learners pass their driving test with a minimum of pressure.  When the learner figures out how to drive, he or she can be confident of accepting a dependable, expert service. Instead, the school is keen on providing the community with very responsible and safe drivers.

Driving class instructors give Friendly and Reliable driving classes.

Male and Female multi-cultural instructors

Driving classes can occur in an automatic transmission car.

Driving lesson vehicles are with dual controlled and latest model cars with a/c and heater.

We pick you up in your agreed places – VicRoads, home, office or school.

Everyday logbook entry

Specialised training for nervous beginners and hazard perception

Specialist trainers for parking and driving test.

Driving lessons in city, freeway, countryside and driving along the tram tracks

Five lesson package, ten lesson packages.

Tailor-made driving packages available at great offers

Refresher driving courses

Overseas licence changeover

First Timepass guarantee or Retest Free – Terms and conditions apply.

According to accredited driving instructors for the Keys2Drive program. 

We provide one free lesson to learner Permit Holders.

At Darshan Driving School, our driving instructors will show you we are Melbourne best driving school.

Dial 0431 336 996 on your phone to book a lesson and to know more about Darshan Driving School.

Learn to drive from our driving instructors and feel the difference. Our Driving Instructors reach the learner drivers’ home, office, school or VicRoads to get the learner and give the driving lesson and drop them back. Also, our Driving Instructors educate the Learner Drivers with a Difference. So Join us and feel the Difference in your Driving Skills and Driving qualities.

Our Driving Instructors trust that the learner driver ought to know entirely about the safe driving limits and slants.

Call us today

Learn with our Driving Instructors and become a safe driver.

Driving Instructors with a difference

Driving Lessons in Broadmeadows Prices are affordable and competitive.


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