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Check list for finding the right driving instructor Melbourne

It’s crucial to find the right driving instructor Melbourne to help you when it’s time to learn how to drive. Learning to drive is such an important step in life.  It can give you so much freedom to go anywhere at any time and not have to rely on public transport or other people to get you there. With this freedom comes great responsibility. You will be responsible not only for your safety, but also for the safety of others.

With this in mind, let’s go back to the importance of a driving instructor  and how important it is to find the right one!

Here is a helpful check list to finding the right driving instructor Melbourne, so it’s not as overwhelming as you think:


Make sure your driving instructor Melbourne is fully qualified. This means not only having a full driver’s licence but also having a Driving Instructor Authority.  To get a Driving Instructor Authority, you can be sure your driving instructor has had to go through a working with children check as well as a police check.

Experience matters:

Knowing how to drive is not the only criteria to use when trying to work out what makes a good driving instructor. As well as a long history of driving experience, you should look for a driving instructor that has a lot of experience with teaching. This also means lots of experience in teaching all kinds of people with all kinds of personalities, how to drive. They know how to settle nervy drivers; they know how to give confidence to uncertain drivers and they know how to tame over confident drivers. Experience with road sense and also plays a part here. Road sense is how a good driving instructor is able to predict certain driving situations or conditions. For example, if he can seedriving instructor melbourne another driver driving erratically, he will have the sense to take you in a different direction, or, if the weather is really bad with heavy torrential rain, your driving instructor will adapt your driving lesson to keep you safe in every situation. These are the many reasons why all sorts of experience matters when looking for the right driving instructor

Calm and confident: 

The best driving instructor has a very calm, patient and pleasant demeanour. They will know how to make you feel relaxed. They will remain calm even when you may not, they will also be pleasant and make you feel comfortable. They will not hurry you or get grumpy if you make a mistake. Along with all this comes confidence. Your driving instructor is experienced, so they should be very confident in their own driving and teaching abilities and not seem unsure of themselves.

Great communicator: 

Look for a driving instructor that is a great communicator. Do they provide you with clear instructions that you can easily understand? If you have a query, are they able to answer it? If they need to give you further advice on a driving skill that you may be struggling with, do they do this in a way that makes you feel comfortable and is easy for you to learn and understand?When they are directing you in the busy traffic do they speak clearly so that you can hear?If English is not your first language, look for a driving instructor who will understand your first language.

Well maintained vehicle:

 The car of the driving instructor should be clean, well maintained and at least look roadworthy. The vehicle is the main piece of equipment required when learning how to drive, so the condition and maintenance of it will say a lot about the driving instructor. If the car is clean, looks professional and is well maintained, then there is a good chance that the driving instructor cares about his job and is motivated and passionate.

Driving Instructor melbourne

Good assessment skills: The right driving instructor will also have good assessment skills. This means that they should be able to tell when your driving skills have reached a level that should easily pass the driver’s test. You would not want your instructor to book you in for your driving test if you are not well and truly ready to pass it.

Recommendations: Has a driving instructor been recommended to you by someone you know? If a driving instructor is really good, people will only be too happy to tell you all about their experience with them. There is no better way than finding a driving instructor who comes highly recommended.

It’s easy to find the perfect driving instructor at Darshan Driving School, where all the driving instructors are fully experienced to bring out the very best in you!

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